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We seek to confidently resolve your water problems with a long life, maintenance-free, trouble-free metering solution.

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Water is our Lifeline

Scarcity of water is already a huge problem everywhere. There are 2 separate issues generally involved:

We do not have much control over the source of water, as it is more a force of nature.

However, we can minimize the wastage and over use of our limited water supply. As a first step, we need to enable monitoring of the water supply and water usage, so that we have both an idea of usage and immediate steps can be taken to rectify places where over-use or wastage is detected.

The choice of the water metering solution remains a complex problem, and with the availability of a huge number of "smart" water meters, the confusion of which is the "right" water meter to use is a natural question for the users.

A Reliable Solution

There are plenty of “Smart” Water Meters in the market and it is confusing to choose one; all of them have multiple features and offer huge “data” about water consumption. While it is tempting to get the “state of the art smart” meter, it is very important to first weigh your true needs of metering with the long-term costs of continued maintenance, repair, service contracts and subscriptions over next 5-10 years, especially with the poor water quality with “hard water” and scaling.

Wise Water recommends the tried and tested Mechanical Water Meters over Smart Meters for all non-industrial uses like apartment complexes, homes and gated communities; further equipped with an external non-intrusive telemetry system for automated readouts, where needed.

Why is this better?

  • Brass body for anti-corrosion
  • Inferential type with multiple pipe sizes
  • Multi-jet Measurement for Accuracy
  • Dry dial
  • Magnetic Coupling
  • Tamper proof sealing
  • ISI certified IS: 779-1994 Class A and Class B
  • Withstands high rise apartments water pressure
  • Negligible loss of Pressure
  • Sourced from reputed companies

Comparison of Mechanical vs newer "Smart" meters:

Feature Mechanical "Smart" Electronic Meter
Long History of Usage YES NO
Works without Batteries YES NO
Manual Local Readout YES YES (Uses Batteries)
Maintenance Free YES NO
Corrosion & Blockage-free YES NO
Hard-Water & Impurities Resistant YES NO
ISI Certified, Calibrated & Approved YES Very Few
Trusted Automatically by People YES NO
10-year Long Life YES NO (Maintenance needed)
Multiple Local Supply & Vendors YES NO (Locked to specific system)
Local Plumber Installation YES NO (Trained Personnel)
Long Warranty Duration(3+ years) YES NO (1-2 years)
Low Cost of Purchase YES NO
Telemetry of Meter Data to Cloud / Internet / Apps YES (with Detachable Wise Water Telemetry Unit) YES (Built-in)

Wise Water Meters(WMM) Solution

Wise Water Meters(WMM) offers a dependable, scalable, future-proof upgradeable metering system built over the most common, affordable and maintenance free Mechanical water meters that are known to work with any kind of water for a long, long time without any disruption.

WMM Solution comes in 3 variants:

We can also have a Mixed variant, which is a combination of App Automated and Fully Automated Reading, depending on the need of the users, to get the optimum cost.

Comparison of the WWM Variants

Feature WWM Community WWM Community + WWM Society
Meter Type WMM Mechanical Long-Life Certified Meter WMM Mechanical Long-Life Certified Meter WMM Mechanical Long-Life Certified Meter
Meter Reading Process Manual App-Guided Manual Automated
Reading Entry Process Manual App Automated Automated
Billing Process Manual App Automated Automated
Continuous Physical Access to Meter Mandatory Mandatory Not Required
WMM App Upgradeable (becomes Community+) Supported (Entry, Billing, Reports) Supported (Entry, Billing, Reports, Full Management)
WMM Telemetry Attachment Upgradeable (becomes Society) Upgradeable (becomes Society) Supported (Uses Low Cost Camera with Machine Learning)
WMM Telemetry Aggregator Not Required Not Required Required per Apartment Block or 100 WMM Units
Plumbing Required Yes Yes Yes
Wiring Required No No Yes
Community Helper Required Required Not Required
Cost of Deployment ₹₹ ₹₹₹
Subscriptions & Contract Fees No No Yes
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years
System Life 10 years 10 years 10 years
Installation Time Required 2 - 4 weeks 2 - 4 weeks 2 - 5 weeks
Extensions to Sump, Tank & Tankers Supported Via Upgrade to Society Model Supported Via Upgrade to Society Model Supported
Control Valves to stop/release Water Supported via upgrade Supported via upgrade Supported via upgrade

WWM Proposed Solution Details

Our Solution involves:

We recommend our customers to go for the self-manageable Community Model first in accessible areas first and gradually upgrade towards a full managed Society Model. We will evaluate your needs and help you find the best solution always and keep it relevant.

We are involved with building defence systems for the past 6 years and will continue to be in business for a long time to honour our long-term commitments (5 to 15 years) made to the defence forces for our contributions.

Thus, we will be always available to keep your system functioning well and help saving water, our most important natural resource.

Try out our online Calculator to get an approximate idea of fixed and monthly costs as per your requirements.

Please reach out to us at hello@wisewatermeters.com for any queries.